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Tips and Hints for your Well-being Programme

The well-being should be continued at home also.

Here you'll find in future periodical our seasonal well-being tips for your everyday life, quite simple but sometimes very helpful against inner temptation.

  • Let the water flow! Probably the worlds' cheapest beautifier – fresh water vitalises from within and without, so drink no less than 2-3 ltrs a day
  • Everything that keeps you on your toes shapes the body! So stay on the move and allow your car to stay at least one time a week.
  • Especially in springtime: care your body for at least 30 min.
  • For activating the perfusion and to get a smooth skin, peelings are the ideal way (don't forget to buy some of them to take away!)
  • Natural beauty: fresh fruits and vegetables are an energy kick for the entire system.
  • Well-being from head to toe – obligatory programme to take leave of your warm winter boots. Before departing we pamper your feet with a new nail polish so they are ready for wearing sandals.
  • Ball-games for feet: with short exercises in between your toes stay loose and you also stimulate your soles – really relaxing!
  • Our fitness team would be happy to show you suitable exercises.
  • And if you are at home and in the mood for another time-out:
    Simply call us – we would be happy to welcome you again!
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