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Experience our Serail Bath


The Rasul bath is an old Egyptian healing clay therapy. Different skin caring muds are dispersed on the particular body sections and rubbed into the body in a herb-vapour filled room – the Rasul. The intensive warming caused by the vapours makes the active ingredients more effective. It activates perfusion and at the same time strengthens the immune system. The process ends after showering with a rest period. Enjoy the Rasul bath in luxury ambiance single or in pairs. Ask for our prices.

On Ruegen, the chalkstone Serail bath has an absolutely exceptional position. Experience the therapeutic effect of the Ruegen healing chalkstone in an oriental atmosphere and interplay of light, aroma and sound. Your body will be coated by chalkstone mud which gets surface-dried by the smooth warmness and the low humidity. After some minutes the first steam jet takes place and causes hyperthermy in the room. The steam jet allows an increase of humidity while hereby also aromatic scents are applied.

The chalkstone on your body becomes humid again and the skin begins to become tight and feels tingly. Then, the chalkstone mud is rubbed in again. At this point the encrusted mud rests are removed and alongwith the partly dead cells of the upper calluses are repelled. The generated massage effect supports lower tissue regeneration and metabolism is enhanced.

A highlight for couples: a Rasul experience followed by a massage for couples!

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