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Preserving or restoring your health is our utmost concern!

People who visit us are as different as their needs: professional therapies as well as qualified consultation or the desire for simply relaxing and doing something good for themselves make up just some of the reasons why people join us.

At our spa and well-being centre at Goehren you find a well versed and trained team of professional therapists who are there to take perceptively great care of all your needs.

Our programme for your health ranges from professional physical care to Kneipp health spa and massaging using light pressure, firm grip, gentle kneading techniques and Ruegen healing chalkstone. Allow yourself the little more for your health – it's your greatest asset!

Living well and keeping fit does not mean simply abstaining from the decadent things in life, but to attain more vitality, energy and zest for life. Providing you with more of these things is our concern. We would be happy to prepare your individual programme and give you information about prescribed ambulant spa therapies (generally 2-3 weeks). Our therapies are accepted by all private and compulsory health insurance funds.

Our complete service package:

Scheduled Appointments:

We recommend that you make your appointments for all treatments in good time, if possible before you arrive, so we are able to meet your expectations and requirements.

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